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OLY WAY - Coaching Objectives

The following are objectives the coaching staff is responsible for providing student-athletes. If we have done these things we will consider the season a success. 

1. Provide Academic Support and Accountability

- Coaching Staff will check all grades weekly 

- Coaching Staff will hold "study halls" for student-athletes that have an "F"/"D"

 - Consequences for lack of integrity in classroom, towards peers or teachers

- Rewards for good grades/attendance at the end of semester 

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2. Teach Inegrity and Life Skills On and Off Court

- Coaching Staff will hold athletes accountable for "tardiness" at team activities 

- Coaching Staff will hold athletes accountable for behavior on and off court 

- Coaching staff will hold athletes accountable for giving 100% effort in all areas of life

- Coaching staff will hold "Weekly Value Lessons" teaching life skills

- Coaching staff will provide opportunities to give back to the community (Adopt a fam, etc.)

- Coaching staff will use practices and games (wins or losses) to teach lessons beyond hoops

3. Create a Culture of "Family"

- Coaching staff will help coordinate "Team Dinners" and "Team Bonding Activities"

- Coaching staff will help foster a culture of positive communication and body language among teammates 

- Coaching staff will help foster a culture of playing unselfishly and as a team on the court

- Coaching staff will value every member of the program (Best player - 12th man on Frosh team)

- Coaching staff will help foster a team mindset in all basketball activities

4. Maximize Our Basketball Potential As A Team 

- Coaching staff will help foster a "vertically integrated" program where similar basketball concepts are being taught from 5th grade to the varsity team. 

- Coaching staff will provide intense, competitive, and game-applicable practices for all members of the program. 

- All levels will have the opportunity to review game film of themselves in order to improve through "HUDL", including "team film sessions" for all levels.  

- The varsity team will keep updated statistics in order to track progress and areas of improvement for the team and for individual improvement. 

- The varsity team will have "scouting report sessions" where we have a look into our opponents personnel and what they run for every game. 

- The coaching staff will provide an enormous amount of opportunities in the off season to improve players skill development, strength, and explosion. 

- The coaching staff will help foster a culture of unselfish passing, taking good shots, taking care of the basketball, crashing the offensive glass, and pushing the ball up the floor. 

- The coaching staff will help foster a culture of hard-nosed defense where we take pride in getting stops, taking charges, diving on the floor for loose balls, and not allowing O Boards. 

- The coaching staff will teach players throughout the program "how to play" and not just a bunch of plays -> we want better basketball players by the end of the year, not just more plays. 

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