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Sprague -> College Basketball Players

NCAA Division 1 

AJ Lapray - Class of 2013 (University of Oregon, Pepperdine, and Rice) 

Tanner Morgan - Class of 2013 (Northern Colorado) 

Adam Masten - Class of 1998 (Oregon State University)

Michael Moyer - Class of 2010 (Oregon State University)

*All student-athletes on this list played in the Sprague High School Basketball Program and then moved on to play college basketball. 

NCAA Division 2

Brandon Blair - Class of 2009 (Northwest Nazarene University)

Travis Kuhns - Class of 2005 (Western Oregon University)

Dallon Morgan - Class of 2022 (Central Washington University)

Adam masten OSU.webp
Victory O + Basketball Orange.png


Trent Roos- Class of 2009 (Eastern Oregon University)

Taylor Roos - Class of 2009 (Southern Oregon University)

Kyle Masten - Class of 2004 (Corban University)

NCAA Division 3

Kyle McNally - Class of 2011 (Willamette University)

Adam Masten (Class of 1998) 

Playing for Oregon State University

AJ Lapray ducks.jpg
Tanner Morgan.jpg

AJ Lapray (Class of 2013) 

Signing with the University of Oregon

Tanner Morgan (Class of 2013) 

Playing for Northern Colorado

National JUCO

Dallon Morgan - Class of 2022 (Eastern Arizona)

Tanner Morgan - Class of 2013 (Casper)

Community College 

Liam Spencer - Class of 2023 (Linn Benton Community College)

Kobe Withers - Class of 2020 (Chemeketa Community College) 

Mason Lomax - Class of 2020 (Lane Community College)

Ethan Flanigan - Class of 2019 (Linn Benton Community College)

Harris Morgan - Class of 2014 (Mt. Hood Community College) 

Trent Roos - Class of 2009 (Chemeketa Community College) 

Taylor Roos - Class of 2009 (Linn Benton Community College)

Greg Ellis - Class of 2010 (Linn Benton Community College)


Dallon Morgan (Class of 2022) Signed with National JUCO Power Eastern Arizona 


Liam Spencer (Class of 2023)

Signed with Linn Benton Community College 

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