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Sprague -> College Basketball Players

NCAA Division 1 

AJ Lapray - Class of 2013 (University of Oregon, Pepperdine, and Rice) 

Tanner Morgan - Class of 2013 (Northern Colorado) 

Adam Masten - Class of 1998 (Oregon State University)

Michael Moyer - Class of 2010 (Oregon State University)

*All student-athletes on this list played in the Sprague High School Basketball Program and then moved on to play college basketball. 

NCAA Division 2

Brandon Blair - Class of 2009 (Northwest Nazarene University)

Travis Kuhns - Class of 2005 (Western Oregon University)

NAIA (Division 1 or 2)

Trent Roos- Class of 2009 (Eastern Oregon University)

Taylor Roos - Class of 2009 (Southern Oregon University)

Kyle Masten - Class of 2004 (Corban University)

Tanner Morgan.jpg

Tanner Morgan playing at Northern Colorado

Victory O + Basketball Orange.png

NCAA Division 3

Kyle McNally - Class of 2011 (Willamette University)

National JUCO

Dallon Morgan - Class of 2022 (Eastern Arizona)

Tanner Morgan - Class of 2013 (Casper)

Trent Roos.jpg

Community College 

Kobe Withers - Class of 2020 (Chemeketa Community College) 

Mason Lomax - Class of 2020 (Lane Community College)

Ethan Flanigan - Class of 2019 (Linn Benton Community College)

Harris Morgan - Class of 2014 (Casper CC) 

Trent Roos - Class of 2009 (Chemeketa Community College) 

Taylor Roos - Class of 2009 (Linn Benton Community College)

Trent Roos playing at Eastern Oregon University

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