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Sprague Basketball "Pillars of Success"

Our "Pillars" are what the Sprague Basketball Program is about. This is what all basketball players in the program are being taught in how to have a successful basketball season, successful school career, and for their life beyond hoops. 

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Player Development 

  • We will take advantage of the opportunities in the off season to build skills and develop as an athlete 

  • We will take advantage of the opportunities to play basketball in the off season through Summer League Game and Open Gyms

  • We will emphasize skill development in every practice during the season

  • We will watch film as a team weekly to improve our performance

  • We will set goals and reflect on our weaknesses and areas of improvement 



  • We will respect our teammates, coaches, the officials, our teachers, and the opponent 

  • We will communicate when we are going to miss (or be late) to a team event in advance

  • We act with strong integrity in the classroom with our teachers and classmates

  • We will be on time for on and off the court activities 

  • We will respect the coaching that is given to us

  • We will respect the players that came before us and try to build on their legacy


  • Everyone in the program should feel valued and a part of our success; regardless of role 

  • We cheer hard for our team on the bench even when we are not performing our best

  • We care about our teammates and their success

  • We celebrate our teammates and their success

  • We bring back former Sprague Hoops Alumni to workouts, open gyms, games, and practices


  • We will have enthusiasm in the way we go about pursuing success

  • We will work hard and have a positive attitude everyday

  • We will have a passion for what we do as a basketball program

  • Team Camps, Family Dinners, and Team Bonding Opportunties are an important part of playing in the program


  • We act with high moral character on and off the court

  • We take advantage of opportunities to improve our  community

  • We show up to class, get their on time, and get the job done in the classroom

  • Acting with integrity is a big part of earning the right to being a part of the basketball program 

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