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OLY WAY - Pillars of Success 

Our "OLY WAY" are the "Pillars" of what our basketball program is about and built upon. This is what all basketball players in the program are being taught in how to have a successful basketball season, successful school career, and life beyond hoops. 


Fortitude = Your Courage Through Adversity

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- We play hard no matter the score/situation

- We do not react negatively when our teammate makes a mistake

- We move on to the "next play" after we make a mistake  

- We understand that season's are long and have ups and downs

- We fight through adversity in our personal lives and continue to act with integrity, keep our grades up, and give relentless effort on the court


Communication = The Imparting or Exchanging of information  

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- We communicate positively every possession of the game 

- We communicate with eye to eye contact with all coach and teammate communication

- We communicate to our coaches when we are going to be late or miss team events in advance

- We tell the truth to each other and are not afraid of hard conversations needed better the team


Integrity = Qualities of being honest and having strong moral principles

- No matter the score/situation we act with high moral character towards: ourselves, our coaches, opposing players, opposing coaches, opposing fans,  and referees. 

- In the classroom we act with strong integrity toward our teachers and fellow classmates

- We show up to class, on time, and give our best effort in our classes. 

- We attempt to make our community better through community service projects and caring about events/people in our community. 

- We understand that acting with integrity earns you the right to be a part of the basketball program


Toughness = The Ability to Withstand Difficult Situations

- We are mentally tough enough to withstand low points throughout the season, mentally tough enough to take criticism from coaches, mentally tough enough to disagree with a call and not allow it to effect our play, and mentally tough enough to withstand the highs and lows of a game 

- We are tough enough to understand no one on the team is too good to: take charges, dive on the floor for loose balls, cut without the ball, understand what a good shot is, box out, and play unselfishly and for each other 

- We are tough enough to act with good integrity, get the job done in the classroom, show up to class/practice on time, give our best effort every day of our lives in all we do. 

- We do not let people from outside of the program effect the team's play on the court


Family = A Group of People That Care About Each Other and Are a Unit 

- Everyone in the program is a part of the family and is valuable: the best player, 12th man, and team manager should all feel apart of the family 

- We play unselfishly on the court, pick each other up, and encourage each other when we are down

- We huddle during FT's, give high fives as much as possible and everyone on the bench gets loud and cheers when something good happens on the court 

- We pick each other up after losses and understand that season's have highs and lows 

- We celebrate each other's successes off of the court as much as on the court

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